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About Us

Waverly Hall Telephone was formed in 1944 by Julian Jones to provide local telephone service to people living within the city limits of Waverly Hall. When Waverly Hall Telephone began it had 30 access lines covering 111 square miles. Today Waverly Hall provides telephone service to over 1,300 customers.

The company’s switching facilities have kept pace with changing technology. The switching equipment is a next generation digital switch capable of supporting VOIP, toll message recording, calling features and interfaces with all of the remote subscriber terminals via fiber optics. With network upgrades in 2004 Waverly Hall introduced High Speed Internet at 768K. Today, all remotes have the latest and greatest software releases and are equipped with ADSL 2+ subscriber cards, necessary for the provisioning of both telephone service and High Speed Internet at speeds up to 10 MEG.

We are constantly upgrading equipment and software to increase the speeds and reliability of our internet service, this includes the path that we use to connect our customers to the internet as well as our routers and servers to ensure we are providing the highest quality service to our customers.

Waverly Hall Telephone is now a part of the USConnect family. The USConnect family of companies continues to operate independently; maintaining their local brands, management, and great customer service. Waverly Hall Telephone is committed to providing customers the highest quality of communication and technology services that keep them connected to the world.